Oscar and the Wolf

Ultraviolet light teases the shadowy songs on ENTITY, the debut album by Belgian band Oscar & The Wolf. Like a delicate push and pull.
Like sunlight to vampires.

Singer-songwriter Max Colombie taught himself how to be a full-blooded producer (with a little help from a certain mister Leo Abrahams, who has produced for Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins and Wild Beasts) .
In this vibrant collection of songs he offers his heart on a silver plate for dissection. It's the sound of melancholy wrapped in a haze of electronica.
Laptop beats pulsating to the rhythm of pure passion.

ENTITY is all about electronic soul music. Blink once and you'll think it's unabashedly fun and danceable, look again and you'll witness its wistfulness elegantly circling around the grooves.
These songs speak of an intangible desire. It's next level stuff, far removed from the introspective folk pop Oscar & The Wolf were once known for.
This is where the cosmically enhanced futurism comes in. Electronic pop full of gloom and childlike surprise.

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BIG news from Oscar And The Wolf as it's just been revealed that a new album, Infinity, is due to be released through us on 29th September, as well as a new track, 'Breathing' - and accompanying video - are out today. Head over to NYLON Mag here to ...
Max Colombie of Oscar And the Wolf has been busy since his last track 'The Game' made waves at the end of 2016, returning today with sweltering pop gem 'So Real'. Listen to the track here.