Lisa Mitchell

At the age of 24 at a time in her life when most are graduating from university or finding 'real jobs', Lisa Mitchell finds herself in a unique situation, with a third album bubbling under the surface. A stubborn paradox; as elusive as she is hungry, her new single 'Wah Ha' finds Mitchell striving for the effortless. "I needed to get back to the simple joys of living, this song felt like a gift to help me realise this." Quickly scrawled on the back of a receipt during a summer break with her family, Wah Ha began as a rebellion against the pressure to always feel 'OK'.

"When I play Wah Ha to people, I notice a certain kind of lightness fills the room. The
lyric takes some weight off my shoulders. Even with the new album on the table I just
couldn't wait any longer to make contact again... Releasing 'Wah Ha' makes me feel
a bit like ET reaching his finger out into the abyss, hoping to find another…"
With the emergence of co-producer, Tim Harvey, there seems to be a new found thirst
for life, writing and singing. Around the world and back again, a sophomore album,
more touring, a stint working on a biodynamic farm, a soul seeking journey in France…
And now, 'Wah Ha.' Here we are with an offering from a young woman who is still just
trying to connect.

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It's Lisa Mitchell in a forest. Lisa Mitchell in a field. Lias Mitchell in a geometric dome. Lisa Mitchell and a mysterious tree! What's it all about? Click here, for christ's sake, and find the f*** out! Alternatively, watch above.
We're very excited to announce that we're releasing Lisa Mitchell's album Warriors on 14th April! Listen to her track 'The Boys' - already a hit in her native Australia - here.