Warhaus is Maarten Devoldere, one half of the frontmen duo of the Belgian band Balthazar. Under this pseudonym he remained consciously under the radar for a long time. With extremely sparse revelations he granted us a look at a somewhat rarefied universe, fueled by craving and desire. Central to this is love, and the hunger for the fleeting, for what is unsayable. The time has come to release a first album.

"I'm thirty now. With this record I close an important period," says Devoldere. "It's an ode to love, to the excesses and the elusiveness of it. Love songs are a form of advertising: you portray a woman and the listener should fall in love with her too." Illusion and disillusion alternate, but Warhaus honors the lie, which creates despair in an unstable world: "you want magic, count me in / you want Jesus, well I'm not him / you're an angel or a whore / tell me who you're working for / loving you isn't easy you know / but it's a motherfucker not to do so" ('I'm Not Him').

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Just over one year on from his debut album, We Fucked A Flame Into Being, and Warhuas is at it again! Secound album, Warhaus, is out now on digital services and as a CD - for the vinyl lovers, that'll be out in the next few weeks. The album ...
All kinds of Warhaus news was announced today as a new track, video and album announcement have all been unveiled. Watch the video for new track 'Mad World' here or above, or pre-order the self-titled album here.